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Summer Internship (Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechatronics, IT & Finance)


Reference: 4194647

As a summer student at Refining NZ, you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge to help solve real issues and gain valuable practical experience in a complex industry. The work will be engaging and varied, and the experience will help prepare you for entry into industry upon graduation.

You will be working both in the field and at your workstation, alongside highly-skilled engineers and technicians. You will look at improving the performance and reliability of equipment such as high-volume pumps, control valves, and pressure relief for line work. You may be involved with emergent work such as reviewing tank protective coatings. There is also an opportunity to work alongside the Refractory and Coatings team to identify the likely material types, quantities and lead times required.

We require summer students to be third year and have completed their general hours. We will accept applications from second year students if they have completed their general hours.

Applications Close: 30 Jun 2018